Is “Speed Call” supported?

Currently, only VIV and TCL operator support speed dial
P509(TMUS) is not supportieve.

How to check
1) Contacts -> Menu -> More -> select “Speed Dials”
2) Select the dial expect for operator demaned fixed speed dial
3) select contact and then, set-up speed dial
another way

1) Contacts > select contact -> Menu > More > select “Speed Dials” > select number
-. in case of selected Speed dial, push longer speed dial from Phone(Dialer) tab or after selecting speed dial, click “call button” operatos requested fixed Speed dial is as follows

1. Voicemail (Voicemail)
2. Voice Portal (*2211)
3. Vivo Informa (*365)
4. Customer Care (*8486)

1. Voicemail (Voicemail)

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